Oregon HB 3343, the Climate Test bill, is now officially scheduled for a hearing in front of the House Energy & Environment Committee. The public hearing will be held on Monday, 10 April at 3PM in Hearing Room D.

Please do consider attending, if possible. Equally helpful would be to submit written testimony in favor. Please  email your comments to HEE.Exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov and tell them why you believe this bill is good for Oregon’s future.

Sample talking points for your testimony:
  • The fossil fuel industry wants to use Oregon as a gateway to Asian markets for their dirty fuels. To do so, they need to build pipelines and export terminals of record-breaking scale, i.e. infrastructure mega-projects.
  • Oregon regulations do not currently consider climate when reviewing permit applications for fossil fuel mega projects – that needs to change.
  • Under the Climate Test, the Oregon Dept. of Energy would coordinate all environmental permit processes, which currently are handled individually with no communication between agencies.
  • Additional considerations like health impacts on environmental justice communities and impacts on indigenous Tribes are part of the Climate Test.
  • Lastly, the Climate Test will examine the economic viability of a fossil fuel mega-project in a global energy economy that will limit global warming to well below 2 degrees C.
  • If the likely economic benefits under the “2 degree C scenario” do not outweigh the cumulative negative impacts, the permit will not be issued.